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Make the most of your vacation memories!

Make sure you don’t forget a single detail of your trip or miss an important photo with our helpful hints!

Write down the details!

Make sure you don’t forget the details of your trip—write them down! This ensures that you won’t forget the important details when it’s time to scrapbook your vacation. Here are a few things we suggest writing down!

  • Favorite trip activities—get your kids’ perspective and ask them to write down their favorites, too
  • Restaurants you ate at, or new foods you tried
  • Hotel details—name, room number, what you liked about it
  • Listing of Day 1 activities, Day 2, etc.
  • Funny quotes said during your trip
  • Memorable sites and sounds

Gather your memorabilia!

Here are some suggestions of things you’ll want to save and put into your scrapbook!

  • Plane or train tickets
  • Ticket stubs from things you did—sporting events, museum trips, amusement park rides, etc.
  • Business card from your hotel
  • Brochures from various activities
  • Maps
  • Postcards
  • Receipts from favorite restaurants or shops

Take great vacation photos!

Want to take better vacation photos or make sure you’re taking photos of the right things? Here are a few tips!

Take a mixture of close-up shots and zoomed-out shots. For example, if you’re visiting Washington, D.C., take a couple of photos of a monument as a whole, but then zoom in to capture the intricate details, too.

Take a variety of shots—some of just people, some of just buildings or landmarks, and some with a combination of both. That way, you’ll have lots of options to work with when it’s time to scrapbook!

Early in the morning or late in the afternoon is the best time to take photos because the sun is low, giving the best light. If you want to take photos during the middle of the day, try to make sure your subjects are in a shaded spot and use the fill flash if necessary.

Sometimes the best photos aren’t posed—try to get photos of your kids or family in action doing something fun!

Make sure you get in the photos, too! If necessary, hand your camera off to someone to snap a few shots of your entire family, or use your camera’s self-timer.

If you’re taking photos of people, try using the “portrait” setting on your camera (usually represented by a head icon)—it will slightly blur the background for a nice effect. Or, if you’re taking photos of buildings or landscapes, use the “landscape” setting (usually represented by a mountain icon), which will ensure the entire scene is in focus.