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Invitation Styles

Just like wedding dresses, wedding invitations come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Choose the style that best suits your taste, wedding theme, and budget. Remember, any of these styles can be personalized by changing the color or embellishment for unlimited creative possibilities!

Beautiful Envelopes Made Easy

Many of our invitation ideas include a coordinating envelope. Click here for tips and directions on how to make them just as special as your invitations!

Printing Tips

Click here for helpful tips on printing your invitation.

Pocket Invitations

  • Unique pocket folder design makes for an elegant presentation
  • House all of your components—invitation, response card, map, and more—inside

Belly Band

  • Simple, yet striking
  • Create multiple belly bands from one sheet of paper


  • Design is clean and simple, yet sophisticated
  • Requires very few supplies

Folded Jacket

  • Sharp and sophisticated
  • Jacket dresses up a plain invitation and makes it really stand out
  • Cutting guide


  • Design is clean and simple, yet sophisticated
  • Requires very few supplies


  • Elegant, but easy to create
  • Very little trimming required—each uses one piece of 8.5x11” paper


  • Square size is unique and modern
  • Requires very few supplies


  • Fits in a #10 size envelope
  • Longer size works well for invitations with lots of text

Remember, when selecting an invitation style, keep postage costs in mind. Heavy, lumpy, and non-traditionally shaped invitations may require additional postage. We recommend creating one invitation, enclosing it in an envelope, and bringing it to the post office to weigh for exact postage. Also, try mailing one invitation to yourself to make sure it arrives in good condition. With all your hard work, you want to make sure your invitations arrive safe and sound to your guests!