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I Hate My Handwriting

Handwriting styles are unique to each person. Simply seeing a loved one’s handwriting on a note or in an album evokes special memories of that person. However, for many people, dislike for their own handwriting keeps them from recording important written memories with their photos. Although we recommend writing by hand in order to give your album a personal touch, Archiver’s has numerous creative “tips & tricks” to help you by-pass your handwriting.

Lettering Templates

These plastic templates outline letters for your album and scrapbook pages. Simply trace the letters and color or cut them out. You will have perfect titles and headlines every time.


Alphabet stamp sets are available in many fonts. They can be used with different techniques and various colored inks to achieve a unique effect every time you use them.

Letter Stickers

These stickers come in just about every color, size and style under the sun. Use them to create fun titles and/or accents within sentences.

Die Cut Letters

Similar to lettering templates but easier, die-cut letters skip the tracing and cutting-out steps, but still give titles a fun effect. Purchase pre-cut, die-cut letters or punch them out at our store with any of our thousands of paper styles.

Creative Lettering CDs

There are numerous computer CDs with fun themed fonts. Use them to create a title to embellish, or to print out more detailed memories to mount in an album or scrapbook. Unfortunately, not all printer inks are safe to use with your photos. If you are unsure of the archival quality of your printer ink, simply copy your printed items with our archival color copier. This will ensure that they are safe to use with your photos.