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How do I use the L Letterpress?

First, what is letterpress?

Letterpress is an ancient technique that involves debossing—or pressing images or letters into a thick, soft paper—while adding ink to the design at the same time. This produces a very luxurious, stylish look that is unlike other printing techniques. Letterpress is one of the hottest trends in stationery today, with letterpress designs popping up on everything from greeting cards and personal stationery, to wedding invitations, baby announcements, and more.

Pre-made letterpress cards and invitations—while beautiful—are expensive. Traditional letterpress machines are hard to find, cost thousands of dollars, and are large and heavy, making them inconvenient for most crafters to own. However, all that has now changed with the L Letterpress from QuicKutz! For the first time ever, letterpress is easy, affordable, and convenient for all crafters!

With the help of the QuicKutz Epic Six die-cutting machine, you can create gorgeous, customized letterpress cards, invitations, and stationery right from the comfort of your own home, at a fraction of the cost of traditional letterpress—during the holidays and all year-round! Here’s how you do it!

  • Open the letterpress tool and place the adhesive-backed printing plate on the clear lid. Sold in sets, there are lots of great printing plate designs to choose from!
  • Ink the printing plate evenly using special letterpress ink and the brayer tool.

  • Place the special letterpress paper in desired location on the base of the letterpress tool. To line everything up correctly, use the registration grid and paper placement guides.

  • Close lid and roll the letterpress tool through the QuicKutz Epic Six machine, and presto—a beautiful, customized letterpress image!