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How do I use Clear Stamps?

Clear Stamping 101

They’re the coolest stamps on the block—literally! Clear stamps are just that—clear—so you can see where you’re stamping, unlike with traditional wood-mount rubber stamps. No more guessing if your stamp is lining up properly! They’re very popular with card-makers and scrapbookers alike because they’re so fun and easy to use, for everyone from beginners to seasoned crafters.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Peel stamps off clear sheet and position them on a clear acrylic block. The stamps will cling to the block. Remember to position them the opposite way you want the image to appear, especially when working with letter stamps!

  2. Ink the stamps, then flip the clear block over and position it over your paper. The clear block allows you to line up the image perfectly!

  3. Once it’s positioned as you want it, press the block down on the paper with even pressure. Lift the block straight up and you’re done! Clean the stamp with stamp cleaner, then peel off acrylic block and stick back on the clear sheet, for easy storage.

Why use clear stamps?

  • Clear stamps are ideal for layering images or working with letters, because you can see exactly where you’re stamping, for fantastic results every time. No more guessing like you have to do with a wood-mount stamp! Plus, you can spell out entire words on the block to fit your design (in reverse, remember!) and stamp all the letters at once, saving you time!

  • Because the stamps are slightly flexible, you can move or bend them to fit your design. For example, if you have a dotted line stamp, position it into a wave pattern on the block before you stamp to give it a whole new look. You certainly can’t do that with other stamps!

  • Making multiples of a project (cards, invitations, etc.)? Clear stamps are perfect for the job. Position all your stamps on the acrylic block and away you go! With only having to stop to re-ink, you’ll breeze right through your project, in no time!

  • Clear stamps aren’t just for card-makers—incorporate them on your scrapbook pages too. In fact, many clear stamp sets out there are designed specifically for scrapbookers. Stamp journaling blocks, titles, images over your photos, decorative accents, and much more!

Other tips and products:

  • If you’re only using one stamp at a time, it’s easier if your clear block is slightly larger than the stamp itself. You don’t want to use a gigantic block with a tiny stamp! Archiver’s carries acrylic blocks in 17 different sizes, so there’s sure to be something that fits. We suggest keeping a few blocks in several sizes on hand for when you need them.

  • Fiskars’ Stamp Press and Mini Stamp Press are great substitutes for an acrylic block. With foam pads cushioning each corner, it’s easy to apply even pressure. The Stamp Press is also big enough to accommodate large stamps (such as Fancy Pants’ 12x12 clear stamp sets).

Now that you’ve learned the basics, pick up a set of clear stamps and an acrylic block today and start stamping!