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How do I find the best adhesive?

Finding the Best Adhesive: No Longer a Sticky Situation!

Glue Dots, tape runner, liquid adhesive—ever wonder which one is right for your project? With all the different types of adhesive available, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose one, or worse yet, you may choose the wrong type for the project you’re working on. We have an easy guide to help you find the best adhesive for your scrapbooking, card-making, or paper-crafting project, whatever it may be!

Tape runner

(such as Tombow Mono Adhesive, Kokuyo Dot-n-Roller, 3L EZ Runner, EK Success Dotto Adhesive, etc.)

Use for: Paper, photos, die-cuts, and other general use

  • Tape runners are a great all-around adhesive to use for general scrapbooking, card-making, and paper-crafting projects. Simply roll the adhesive across the surface to apply a thin, even layer.

  • Most dispensers are refillable and come in either repositionable or permanent varieties—choose the kind that best suits your needs!

Tombow Mono Vellum Adhesive

Use for: Clear products, such as acrylic albums, transparencies, overlays, and more

  • This adhesive is almost totally clear—you can hardly see it at all, making it perfect for clear products!
  • Use a small amount in the corners of your paper or photos and stick them to an acrylic album, or use a small amount in the corners of transparencies and overlays and stick them on your layout!

Pop Dots

Use for: Providing dimension to a project

  • Pop Dots are self-adhesive, so just peel away the backing on one side of the foam dot, apply them to your photo, paper, or embellishment, peel away the other backing, and stick them to your project.

  • Can easily be cut with scissors into smaller pieces for smaller embellishments.

Glue Dots

Use for: Adhering bulky embellishments, such as buttons, chipboard, or ribbon

  • Glue Dots are available in several sizes and in a new handy dispenser, for easy use.

  • Provide a strong hold so your embellishments won’t fall off!

Liquid adhesive

(such as 3M Quick-Dry Tacky Adhesive)

Use for: Bulky, small, or intricate embellishments, ribbon, gems, etc.

  • Liquid adhesives are a great way to adhere small or intricate embellishments because you can control the application. Most dry clear, so they won’t show on your finished project. These adhesives work well for bulky embellishments like chipboard and ribbon as well.

  • Not recommended for large areas and may cause paper or photos to wrinkle if applied too thick. Also, once dry, adhered items cannot be repositioned easily.

Xyron Create-a-Sticker

Use for: Adhering small pieces of paper or die-cuts

  • Insert your die-cut or piece of paper in the top of the Create-a-Sticker. Pull it through, and the machine automatically applies adhesive to the back side.

  • The Create-a-Sticker is perfect for adhering small, intricate die-cuts that may be difficult to adhere with traditional adhesive or liquid glue. Or, use it to easily adhere small strips of lace cardstock or small pieces of felt. You never have to worry about adhesive seeping out from under the edges!

Glue pen

(such as Quickie Glue Pen or EK Success Zig 2-Way Glue Pen)

Use for: Detail work

  • Glue pens dispense a very thin line of liquid adhesive and work just like a pen—simply draw where you’d like the adhesive to go. Some glue pens have a fine tip (Quickie Glue Pen), while others have a wider, chisel tip (Zig 2-Way Glue Pen).

  • The Quickie Glue Pen works especially great for highlighted stamped images with glitter—simply trace the area with the glue pen and sprinkle glitter over the top! Or, trace around embellishments and add glitter to give them a little bit of extra sparkle!

Glue sticks

(such as 3M Scotch Wrinkle-Free Glue Stick, Tombow Mono Glue Stick, etc.)

Use for: General use

  • Glue sticks are an easy, economical way to adhere papers and photos. For scrapbooking or paper-crafting, choose a glue stick that is acid-free and dries clear. Some glue sticks (such as Tombow) go on blue, but dry clear.

  • Most glue sticks are washable, safe for children, and have a strong bond. 3M’s new glue sticks are even wrinkle-free on most papers!

As you can see, no one adhesive is perfect for every job. That’s why we recommend keeping a variety of adhesives on hand. Typically, a tape runner is the most commonly used adhesive for most projects. Once you find a favorite, stock up so you never run out in the middle of the project! But remember to keep a few other types of adhesive with your supplies as well (like Glue Dots or Pop Dots), so you have them when you need them!