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Elegant Envelopes

When designing your invitation, don’t forget about the envelope! Why send your gorgeous invitation in a plain envelope when you can send instead send it in a customized, coordinating envelope? Not only will you increase the style factor, but you’ll add to the overall presentation of your invitation. Make a statement from the moment it arrives by trying one of these three ideas:

1. Line your envelope.

Consider lining your envelope with a patterned paper or colored cardstock to match your invitation. Begin with a piece of paper that is as wide as your envelope is. With your envelope open (flap extended upwards), slide the paper into the envelope. Flip the envelope over and trace around the flap on the paper with a pencil. Remove the paper and trim, cutting approximately 1/8” inside the line you drew. Adhere to the inside of your envelope and it’s ready to send!

2. Stamp on your envelope.

If you’re stamping on your invitation, why not stamp on your envelope, too? Stamp the same design on the flap of your envelope to carry the theme through, or stamp with a different stamp that still coordinates with your theme. The results will look amazing!

3. Stamp on a sticker seal.

Or, for another fun idea, try stamping on a sticker seal. You can stamp a small design or your future monogram on a circle sticker seal and seal your envelope with it, or stamp a small design on the side of an address seal. There are so many possibilities!