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A Simple Solution For Organizing Your Photos

Everyone’s got them. They’re shoved into a drawer or heaven forbid, relegated to a cardboard box in the corner of the basement. “They” are all those photos you’ve taken and promised to mount in albums. They’re the record of your family, of friends, of the places you’ve been, of the memorable and remarkable times of your life. And there they sit – getting creased, gathering dust, growing mold, fading away.

Although it may seem overwhelming, you can eliminate your piles of photos in just a few simple steps. Once you get started, you won’t believe how easy and affordable it is. The only thing you will ask yourself is why you didn’t do it sooner.

The key to organizing your photos is to start small. Don’t try to organize everything at once. Start with the roll of film you just had processed. Once you develop a system for organizing and preserving your most recent photos, the rest will be easy. Keep in mind that a simple system works best and is easiest to maintain. So what are the three simple steps to organizing your photos?

Organizing Your Photos

  1. Take your newly developed roll of film – and the negatives – out of the envelope they came in from being processed. Photo finishing envelopes aren’t designed for safe, long-term storage, so you need to keep your photos in archival envelopes. (Our line of acid - and lignin free archival envelopes are now available.)
  2. Label the envelope with an archival-quality pen or pencil so you know what’s inside. “Gail’s 10th birthday, June 2000” or” Dad’s retirement party, October 14, 2000” is all you need. You also can label each photo – still using an archival pen – with “who, what, when or where.”
  3. Place the envelope in an acid-free, light-proof storage box, created specifically for long-term photo storage. Archival boxes are museum quality, with metal corners making them sturdy, stackable and most importantly – acid free.

Voila! You’re on your way to organizing your photos – preserving your irreplaceable photo memories for yourself and future generations.