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  1. Trim patterned paper or cardstock to 6" x 6". You will need two pieces
  2. Score both pieces at 1" across top, and at 1 1/2" on sides and bottom.
  3. Fold over top of both pieces. This will be the flap at the top of the luminaria. Use scissors to trim if desired.
  4. Fold the scored 1 1/2" lines to crease and fold toward patterned side.
  5. On the first sheet, cut out two bottom squares (one on left and one on right) where score lines meet.
  6. On the second sheet, make a on the side score lines, going up to the score line at the bottom of the paper, creating two flap.
  7. Use Jack-o-Lantern punch in center square.
  8. Adhere flaps under the bottom of the long flap.
  9. Adhere the bottom flap of the first sheet to the bottom of the second sheet. No seams should show.
  10. On the first sheet, add adhesive to side flaps (on non-patterned side). (Note: Do not allow adhesive to go all the way to top of sides of it will stick when you try to tuck the sides into the top.)
  11. Fold up bag so that the sides with adhesive are on inside of bag. (Note: The folded-over top edge of the front half of the bag will slide right under the folded-down edge of the back half of the bag.)
  12. Use Petal Roller or tweezers to curl up ends of diamonds.

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