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  1. Trim 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" white cardstock, 5 1/" x 4" red cardstock (stamp Heart and Dot Background on it using white ink),  5 1/4" x 3" pink cardstock (stamp Heart and Dot Background on it using red ink and embossing using red glitter embossing powder).
  2. Measure two inches down on pink cardstock and fold. Using dotted scallop punch, punch bottom of pink cardstock.
  3. Place the folded pink paper over red cardstock and tape on back side forming a flap.
  4. Adhere red cardstock to white cardstock.
  5. Stamp Empty Envelope on a piece of white cardstock and cut out. With a craft knife, slit the envelope below the flap along the angle and base (to open envelope).
  6. Stamp Heart Letter on pink cardstock and cut out. Slip heart into the envelope. Tape it on the back so it does not fall out.
  7. Adhere envelope to card with the flap of the envelope overlapping the top flap.
  8. Tie a bow with red polka dot ribbon and attach it to the front of the envelope using Glue Dots.
  9. Stamp "Be Mine" using white ink under the top flap of the card and emboss using white embossing powder.

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