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  1. Trim white cardstock to 8" x 8".
  2. Score white cardstock at 2" and 6" (see directions in flap of scoring board on how to make a 4" x 4" x 2" box).
  3. Cut white cardstock to create flaps (these will be glued to create the box).
  4. Border punch left and right sides of white cardstock.
  5. Border punch top and bottom of white cardstock between cut lines (entire side will not be punched).
  6. Adhere flaps to create the box.
  7. Trim pink and green patterned paper to 1 1/4" x 12 (two pieces are needed).
  8. Border punch patterned strips and adhere together so holes overlap.
  9. Add ribbon through holes and adhere entire piece to basket.
  10. Tie two bows using white twill and adhere to basket using glue dots.
  11. Add pink pearls to handle.
  12. To create grass, fold sides of green patterned paper in toward the center so they meet in the middle.
  13. Cut from one side and then from the other using the fringe scissor.
  14. Add grass as desired to basket.

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