Robin Im a newbie so bare with me! I do limited cricuit and cuddlebug, would I benefit to get a sillouette, or new cricuit?? Susan
— susan jensen, MN on Jan 26, 2012

The Cricut and the Cuttlebug are both great machines and allow you to do a variety of different things. The nice thing about the Silhouette is that you can find all sorts of digital downloads and use designs and fonts that are already on your computer. It really does depend on how much you use your machines. Just about everyone that has the Silhouette loves it and loves the options it provides. We also really love the eclips machine from Sizzix. It's very similar to the Cricut, but has a preview laser that shows you exactly where it will cut. Stop by your local Archiver's anytime and they'll be more than happy to show you the machines they have in stores. Hope this helps!