How do I use and when is it best to use Shimmer Mist Spray? How do you keep from having droplets instead of a mist?
— tmsewell2, KY on Apr 13, 2011

Glimmer Mist can be use in a bunch of different ways! Check out the video for some great tips! You can spray it directly onto a stamp and use that instead of an ink pad. You can spray tissue tape or ribbon to change up the color. You can use templates or alphabet stickers or just about anything as a mask, so that when you spray the Glimmer Mist you end up with a word or a pattern left behind (where the spray didn't hit the paper). The tricky thing with sprays like this, is that the fine glitter in it isn't meant to be pushed through the sprayer. It gets clogged and then you end up with the splatter. Try sweeping your arm across the item you're misting. Sometimes that can help you avoid the splatter. Otherwise, you can clean out the sprayer with hot water to get rid of the clogged glitter. Hope this helps! It's a really fun product to use!