I made calendars for both sets of grandparents for Christmas. I would like to continue to do so going forward, but have not been pleased with the options I have seen for calendars. Specifically I would like a calendar that has protective sleeves for the pages. Any ideas? For 2012, I purchased slip-on sleeves, attached (with tape) to each month and then slid in the page. It can be done, it seems to be working, but it was awfully inconvenient.
— jtrembath, MN on Jan 23, 2012

We suggesting finding an album that you really like and one that you think your grandparents would like. You can then use this album year after year and just change out the calendar pages for them. This way the pages are protected, but can also be displayed throughout the year. You could even use these as a scrapbook of sorts. Add photos or memorabilia from the year to add some fun extras to the calendar pages. We also have some cute patterned papers from KI Memories that are blank calendar pages. You could create your own pages using these papers (or others that you like) and add events and embellishments as you wish. Stop by your local Archiver's anytime and they'll be more than happy to help you find the right products for your projects. Hope this helps!

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