I was at a retreat last weekend and saw someone using a container like a plastic bottle and it had powder in it. It has a brush at the opening. It's used for putting onto the back of stickers when you don't want to adhere them flat. She said she bought it at Archiver's. I looked on line but did not see it. Can you tell me the name of this product and whether it can be bought on line? Thanks, MsPepper
— MsPepper, TX on Jan 22, 2012

You're looking for the Powder Tool Applicator! Here's a link to this product on the Annex: http://www.archiversannex.com/Powder-Tool-Applicator--EKT001/default.aspx?PageID=21&CategoryID=21&ProductID=18028&ItemID=40113&RootCatCode=11300

Hope this helps!