Robin I just noticed a blog that references taking all the paper scraps and sewing them to make a type of quilted paper into all sizes, 6x6 8x8 and 12x12. If you didn't have a sewing machine, what type of tools or even a light version of a sewing machine would you recommend for stitching paper together? Thanks!
— MC, OH on Jan 21, 2012

The Sew Easy is a fantastic tools and one of the favorites from 2011. You could create the look of stitching using this tool. Start by creating your "quilt", but adhere the pieces together or adhere them to a piece of cardstock. Then you can use the Sew Easy tool, needle, and floss to create stitches. However, the Sew Easy does use floss and not thread, so the stitches will be more apparent than using a regular sewing machine. Another option is to use a pen or marker to draw the stitching. Hope this helps!