I am getting started on a new scrap book from my trip to France. Any suggestions on doing pages to reflect Paris?
— Winter11, MN on Jan 09, 2012

There are so many wonderful things about Paris that is can be hard to pick a place to start. You can look at it from a few different angles, and hopefully one will jump out and give you some inspiration. The first is to look at all the places you visited in Paris (ie - Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Montmartre, etc.) and scrap your trip that way. Another option is to pick themes and scrap the trip by theme (ie - places you visited, food you ate, people you met, funny stories, etc.) As far as paper and embellishments, it all depends on the look you want in your scrapbook (ie - vintage, cute and light, classic, etc). Here are a few items we have on the Annex with a Paris theme:





Another option is to use very basic patterns and colors to keep the focus on your photos. Be sure to include some journaling with your photos so you don't forget your time in Paris.

Hope this helps!