Please give me some suggestions about making a booklet of panoramic pictures to go on a scrapbook page. Do I need to make an indention with foam core or some other product in back of my patterned paper or will it be enough to just put a cardboard backing on the paper? Does it work better to do a "book" style opening or an accordion fold? How many pictures are realistic to use? I need to do something with these pictures to finish an album about a trip, but I have never done this before and I am nervous about trying it. Territd
— territd, NC on Jan 08, 2012

Panoramic shots are so much fun and can add a lot to a scrapbook! While we've never done a mini book using panoramics, we have a couple of ideas for you. The first is the create a book as you stated. However, panoramic photos are usually 4" x 12" and will take up the entire width of your page if you're using 12" x 12" paper. Using an accordion fold would probably be the best because your photos would sit flat when the book is closed and you wouldn't have to punch holes in them to add a binding. As far as the number of photos, we think that's a personal preference. However, you probably don't want to include 20 photos, as that would make your page quite thick. Another idea is to include the photos in an envelope or pocket, which would allow you to take them out and look at them. Hope this helps!