Hi Robin, I was just wondering if you were familiar with the Smart Trimmer 12" made by Purple Cow and also the new Cut-up paper trimmer. I am in the market for a new one and I like the fact that the Cut-up has so many different cuttiing wheels, but I like the idea that on the Smart Trimmer you can cut at a diagonal. I need to replace my old Fiskar one - just not doing the trick any longer. Thank you, JoRene Bruzek
— JEB, IL on Jan 06, 2012

We've included a video from American Crafts showing the Cutup Cartridge Trimmer. Both trimmers are great, so it really depends on what you want to do with your trimmer. The Purple Cow trimmer does have the option to cut with the guillotine as well as the freestyle "mouse", which has changeable rotary blades. You also get guides to help cut at any angle you'd like. The Cutup trimmer has changeable blades with decorative edges, as does the Purple Cow trimmer.

If you're looking for a standard trimmer that just cuts straight lines, we love the guillotine trimmer from Tonic.

Hope this helps!