Hi Robin Dont know if my question was received??? Being new at this I may not have pressed the right botton. HELP!!! At least forgive my ignorance & spelling. Should cardstock be stored up or flat?? How long does glue last, as long as it runs out ok??? SusanJ!!! AGAIN>
— Susan Jensen, MN on Dec 28, 2011

We store all of our cardstock and patterned papers flat. However, you can purchase storage containers for paper that keep them standing. It is definitely a matter of personal preference and amount of space you have in your craft area. The glue depends on what type you're using. We use tape runners (dry adhesive) for just about everything on cards and scrapbook layouts. As soon as the runner runs out, we just pop in a refill. Wet glues can dry up and get old. A good thing to note when purchasing adhesives, is to make sure it is photo safe and acid free, especially if you're using it on photos. Hope this helps!