Hi Robin, I have a question on Martha Stewart's rosettes. I've made several. To keep them in form, how would you or what do you use to keep them in a circle? I've been using hot glue and waiting for it to dry before letting it go..I can't seem to get my dot or lines of glue to hold. What do you do for the center embellishment? Thanks, Deborah A.
— Deborah, TX on Dec 27, 2011

There are a couple of ways we've found to keep rosettes together. The first is to use a hot glue gun. When using a glue gun, sometimes it's helpful to have someone helping you, just so you don't burn yourself. The second is to use Glue Dots. The trick with using Glue Dots is to cover the entire circle with the dots (or at least the entire outside edge if there's a hole in your rosette). Using Glue Dots also allows you to change the shape of the rosette once it's done. As far as embellishing the center...you can use just about anything! We've used brads (you can either cut off the metal on the back and adhere it, or attach the brad to the circle before gluing it to the rosette), stickers, gems, just about anything! Hope this helps!