I received the fabulous 24 page pocket recipe book for Christmas and am curious about the best way to adhere the paper to the chip board album. I want it to be durable so I am thinking mod podge, but every time I have used it on chip board it warps the paper and bubbles no matter how thin I spread it on. What recommendations do you have for this type of book that will get lots of use when finished?
— upnorthgirl, MN on Dec 26, 2011

We recommend using Super Tape to adhere your papers to the chipboard. This adhesive is super strong and once it's stuck, it's stuck. It comes in three widths (1/8", 1/4", and 1/2") and is also called "red line tape". You could also "seal" your book once it's finished with Mod Podge, just to be extra sure that it's going to stay together. Hope this helps!