Hi Robin! My friend is looking for a unique way to give her husband a gift of all the letters he had received from friends wishing him a Happy 60th Birthday. Do you have any ideas? Thank you! Grace
— Eightof10, IL on Dec 15, 2011

A great (and pretty easy way) to keep all the cards together is in a scrapbook. If you want to be able to look through them, we suggest using photo corners to keep them in place. That way you can take them out as often as you want. Just a note - most scrapbooks have pocket pages, so you'd have to secure the cards to a piece of cardstock or patterned paper. Keeping the pages with the cards in the plastic sleeves will help keep them protected. Another option is to create an "album" from the cards. The Cinch Bindery tool from We R Memory Keepers is great for this. You can punch holes in the sides of the cards and then use one of their many binding wires to keep all of the cards together. Our last suggestion is to decorate an archival safe box and use that as a way to give all of the cards, as well as store and protect all of the cards. Hope this helps!

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