I have some of the new Martha Stewart middle of the page punches and I'm just not quite sure how to place the punches so I'm sure they punch where I want them too, for example in a line or in a particular place. I'm especially interested in being able in using more than one punch on a page. Thanks for your help!
— Sherry, VA on Dec 06, 2011

Great question! We have a couple of tricks for you. The first is about punching in a line. Draw very light pencil lines that are the width of the base part of the punch. You can draw as many or as few lines as you'd like, but creating a grid of sorts can help keep things straight when you're punching. Just erase the pencil lines when you're done! (You can also draw the lines on the back of the paper and punch the paper upside-down.) You can use the same kind of idea for punching in a specific spot on a page or card. Place the top of the punch on the paper and trace it. Then match up the trace marks and the two parts of the punch. (We recommend practicing on some scrap paper first, so you can find the right technique for you.)

Hope this helps!

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