Hi Robin, I saw a christmas tree ornament in the Apple Valley store that looked like a little cake. It only had three layers. How do I make that?
— jgb, MN on Dec 01, 2011

Here you are:

Bottom (1st layer) uses two 2”x12” strips that are scored every 1 inch
2nd layer uses two 1.75”x12” strips again scored every 1 inch
3rd layer uses two 1.5”x12” strip scored every 1 inch
Top (4th layer) uses a 1”x12” strip scored every 1 inch

After forming individual layers/rosettes, adhere to each other using hot glue forming tree shape.

Slide ribbon through folds in top layer. Add embellishment to each side of ribbon and attach the backs together. Tie ribbon off leaving enough room for hanging (if desired).

Hope this helps!