Hi Robin, I'd like to know which electronic cutting machine you would pick and why? My choices are between the Sizzix eclips and the Cricut expression 2. What are the main differences??? (other than $$$) and or should I be looking at others??? This will be my first electronic machine... so I hope to get it right! Thanks for your help, Lorie
— Lorie , CO on Nov 28, 2011

Tough choice! Both machines are great, but have slightly different features. For example, the Cricut Expression 2 has a full-color, LCD touch screen that allows you to select images to be cut. The eclips has a hand-held "remote" that lets you select images. There is a lot of information about each machine and we don't want to leave anything out. Here are the links to the Cricut Expression 2 site (http://main.cricut.com/shopping/detail-Todays-Deals-Cricut-Expression-2-188-1478.aspx) and the eclips site (http://www.sizzix.com/shop/eclips). Each site is a great resource for the features of the machines. The one feature we really like on the eclips is the preview laser that lets you see exactly where the image will be cut - it sure helps save paper! Hope this helps!