I attended one of Archiver's card making classes and learned heat embossing. I love this techniquoe and attempted it on some snowflake patterned vellum I purchased to make some Christmas cards. The heat caused some rippling or bubbling of the surface I am not sure what vellum is made of, evidently some type of synthetic that is heat sensitive. I know I can just stamp the vellum, but I am looking for any type of techinque that would give me the raised effect of heat embossing without investing in a Cricut or other expensive equipment. Thanks.
— Nan, MN on Nov 21, 2011

There are a couple of options for adding texture to vellum. You can heat emboss on vellum. Try holding your heat gun about three inches away from the vellum and keep it in constant motion. You should be able to watch the embossing powder "melt" and then you'll know it's done. Another way to add texture is to "dry emboss". The Texture Boutique is a great tool (and less expensive than a Cricut or bigger machine). Insert the vellum into a texture folder and run it through the machine to add a dry embossed image. Stop by your local Archiver's and they'll be more than happy to help you out! Hope this helps!