Hi Robin, I am looking for the directions for the bags made with the MS scoring board. I have the one showing the dimensions for the small ones with the pumpkin cut out on the front, but i need the instructions showing the sizes and scoring measurements. Can you send me the links for these. Thanks
— Donna, IN, IN on Nov 18, 2011

The scoring lines and dimensions are in the instructions for the small bag with the jack-o-lantern. Here are the instructions for a larger bag:

The score lines and sizes are different, but the assembly process is very similar to the smaller version:

1. Score two 12" x 12" sheets of paper at 2" across top, and at 3" on other three sides.
2. On both sheet, fold over the top of the paper at the 2" score line.
3. Fold the other scored lines to create a crease and towards the inside (opposite direction of fold at top)
4. On first sheet, cut out the bottom two square where the score lines intersect.
5. On second sheet, make a cut going up the bottom two sides, but stop where the lines meet the score line going across the bottom.
6. Glue the two open flaps under the long flap.
7. With the side of the bag laying flat, glue the bottom half of the side. (Note: do not glue all the way to the top or it will stick when you try to tuck it into the top)
8. Tuck the side that has glue on it underneath the folded flap of the other piece and tuck it in all the way so it's flush on the outside. Repeat on other side.
9. Punch two holes in top for ribbon handles.
10. Add embellishments if desired.

Hope this helps!

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