Doodlebug Layout Protectors 12"X12" 25/Pkg...DO THESE HAVE HOT PINK INSERTS LIKE THE COLOR SHOWN IN THE PICTURE? I have lots of old photos of ancestors and they are all different sizes. Page protectors to handle 4"x6" photos would be a waste for the old ones. Some are mounted (glued or placed in corners) in photo albums with black construction-paper-type black pages. Over the years the pages have disentigrated and are crumbling when the pages are even gently turned. I like the black background with no clutter as I think it makes the photo show up better. I would like to mount the old photos onto new black paper that I can slip into page protectors. I would like to keep the integrity of the looks of an old photo album but with modern technology that will, hopefully, preserve them for many more years to come. They will be looked at by future generations and it would be nice if they could do it without actually handling the photos. Many of the ones that are glued into photo album pages have writing on the back which I must see to identify people in the photos. I would also like to get a pen with white ink that will show up nicely on the black background. Also...
— craazyquilt, MD on Nov 17, 2011

The refills are just clear, so they do not have pink (or green, or blue) papers in the pockets. We suggest using an acid-free, photo-safe paper in your albums, which will keep your photos safe and protected for years to come. You'll also want to be sure to use an acid-free, photo-safe adhesive (whether that's a tape runner or photo corners) to adhere your photos to the pages.

We have a great white gel pen in stores and on the Annex. Here's a link to the pen on the Annex so you can see what it looks like:

Hope this helps!