Thanks robin to unswear my kestions About my kestion for the pad its not what i mean Tim has a map on his table over it he is putting Distress ink with some water spraying Than he pass the card over and the color fit on the card What i need to know is: What is the name of this pad , map... That is not steeky That he may clean it after putting the ink I hope this time i am much clear in my kestion. I am not good in english My language is french -prtugese. Thank you Agnes
— Agno, OH on Nov 16, 2011

We're pretty sure you're looking for the craft sheet or craft mat from Ranger. It's the brown mat he uses under all of his project. It is heat resistant and nothing sticks to it. You can see it in the video.

Here's a link to this product on the Annex:

It's in a tube, so it's rolled up when you buy it.

Hope this helps!