thank you for your help w my earlier question of how to apply brads & eyelets. I've already bought tools (hammer,etc) for the eyelets.The printed instructions are vague. I don't want to invest anymore money in yet another tool for this project. do appreciate your help! Linda
— linda, OH on Nov 16, 2011

Here are some basic steps for using setting tools:

Punch a hole in your paper using the correct size tool (so that your eyelet will fit) and hammer. Be sure to also use a setting mat under your paper. A self healing mat has too much give and will end up with holes in it.

Insert eyelet into hole and flip paper over so that the back of the eyelet is pointing toward the ceiling.

Place the setting tool securely in the center of the eyelet and hit with the hammer so the eyelet back splits and is flat against the paper.

Hope this helps!