Hi robin 1- I am bying a lot of stuff from archivers How can i get a special prices??? Thanks 2- i also need a pad to work on like i see on tim holtz demos The one u put distress color on it and u put craft paper to color Over the color So that it will stay wet .....on the pad until u color ur paper.... I need the name of this pad if i was clear in my discription Thanks you dearest robin
— Agno, OH on Nov 16, 2011

We send out various coupons for 30% off an item or cardstock, so be sure to sign up for our emails if you haven't already! You can do this the next time you visit your local Archiver's. We also send out coupons in our mailers sent to your home.

Based on your description, we came up with the craft sheet or the ink blending tool. Here are links to those on the Annex:



Hope this helps!