I recently went to a scrapbooking retreat where I signed up for a pretty expensive class to learn how to make a canvas and burlap wreath. Well the instructor for the class quit that morning and left no instructions. My product did turn out pretty well with no instruction but what I couldn't figure out was how she got the rub-ons on the canvas so perfectly. I tried several times and just couldn't seem to make it work. Is there a trick that I don't know about?
— Kamron888, AR on Nov 14, 2011

It might depend on the quality of the rub on and the canvas. If the canvas is very tight and flat, the rub on should stay. Popsicle sticks work well for applying rub ons. Go over the rub on meticulously to make sure you've covered every little piece. You should be able to see it coming off of the backing as you work on it. You can also try "sealing" the rub on to the canvas with Mod Podge once you're done. Hope this helps!