Hi Robin, I LOVE Tim Holtz products but I am having a hard time using the tiny stapler. Every time that I have only left about 5-8 staples inside, they start to get stuck or not stapling correctly (like crooked, half way only, etc) and they only way I have found to fix it, is remove those 5-8 staples and add a new piece. I know is only 5-8 staples that I am wasting, but they are going to add up eventually. Has anyone else having this problem? How can I fix it without wasting staples? Thanks! Roxie
— roxigirll, NC on Mar 17, 2011

Unfortunately, this can occasionally happen with any stapler, even an office stapler! We suggest removing the last few staples (or using them up on a piece of scratch paper) and adding a new bunch in. Tim Holtz himself told us that it's best to use up all the staples in the stapler before adding new staples in--don't try to add new staples if you still have old staples in there. Each refill pack has about 1500 staples in it (available in stores and on the Annex), so we suggest buying a pack or two to have on-hand so you'll never run out.