While attending Scrapfest 2011, I saw a paper cutter that had 3 blades in one...one for cutting, scoring and perforating. I don't recall the brand name. I checked with my local Archiver's and they couldn't help me. I would like to purchase one of these paper cutters. Can you help me?
— jzeivel, IL on Nov 09, 2011

Sounds like you're looking for the Cutup Portable trimmer from American Crafts! We do carry it in stores (the Archiver's item # is 6089395) and we also have it on the Annex: http://www.archiversannex.com/Cutup-Portable-Combo-Blade-Paper-Trimmer-12--AC90703/default.aspx?PageID=21&CategoryID=110&ProductID=43874&RootCatCode=11250

Hope this helps!