Robin, I have my mothers pictures from the time she was born in 1929 to present. As we talk, she'll tell me a story and I go home and write it down in a stenographers notebook. I am stuck as to how to incorporate these into a scrapbook I am making for Christmas. Seems like when I come to journaling I draw a blank on my pages. Any suggestions? Thanks
— Sheryl, MI on Nov 05, 2011

Make journaling easy on yourself! Definitely keep the stories from your mother with the pictures they belong to. Easy way to start. If you have a picture that doesn't have a story from your mother that goes with it, journal what you think about the photo. Maybe it's a picture of your mother working in her garden and you remember her doing that every Saturday when you were growing up. Or maybe she told you a story of when she used to make Thanksgiving dinner for the family, but you don't have a picture with it. Definitely include the story in your album. Not every page has to have a photo. There are also some great books out there that can help with those "journaling blocks". "Journaling Solutions For Scrapbooks" has great tips and tricks for journaling:

Hope this helps!