I am working on my children's school books and running into a wall for ideas. I've done a couple of google searches and cannot find any ideas. Can you suggest an idea book or website to get some fresh ideas. I'm not big on embellishments. I think things somewhat simple and flat, not dimentional. Thanks in advance for the help!
— Lynette, OH on Oct 30, 2011

A book we really like to use is Page Maps 2. It has all sorts of ideas and inspiration for layouts. If you see a layout that you like, but that has a lot of dimension to it, try using other elements as a substitute for the 3D items. We also have a lot of great ideas on our website (http://www.archiversonline.com/ideas). Any of the ideas below could easily be "scraplifted" to fit your albums. Using border punches or shape punches add fun shapes to pages, without added too much thickness to a page. Hope this helps!

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