1.I am new to scrapbooking and do not understand how to place "vellum." My guess is to glue it on? 2.I purchased some rub-on sheets from Archivers last week. However, when I tried to rub it in place as instructed, nothing rubbed off. My attempt was on the photo matte that comes with a photo frame. I am confused why it didn't work. Thanks for any help MsSMC972
— MsSMC972, MI on Mar 13, 2011

We recommend using a vellum adhesive to adhere pieces to a scrapbook page or card. Vellum adhesive is more see-through than a regular tape runner, so you won't see the glue as much. Sometimes rub ons can be a bit tricky, so don't worry if they didn't work out the first time! Some rub ons come with a popsicle stick to apply them, or you can use a Rub On Roller, which is available in stores. Just make sure the backing is off the rub on sheet before you try to apply them. Also, some rub ons are a bit tougher than others, so it might just take an extra minute or two to get the image on the frame.