Hi Robin, I LOVE the Halloween stamps in your email today. Can you tell me who makes two stamps please? 1. the WICKED stamp with the witch running with a staff and 2. the SPOOKY stamp with the raven atop of old fashioned script writing Also, is the WICKED stamp set a clear stamp set? Are both available at Archivers? I looked up the Halloween stamps on the Annex and I did not see either one of them. Thank you!!!
— Lucia, FL on Oct 20, 2011

The wicked stamp set is called "Magic of Oz #3" and is from Hampton Art and Graphic 45. This set is available in stores, but not on the Annex.

The spooky raven stamp is from Memory Box and is available in stores, but not on the Annex.

Give your local Archiver's a call (or the closest one to you) and they can do one of three things. The first is to put them on a 24-hour hold so you can stop in and purchase them. The second is to pay for them over the phone and then you can pick them up when you have the chance. The third is if you live a couple hours away and that is to purchase them over the phone and have them shipped to your house (shipping charges will apply).

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