1) Is there a sealant you can use to keep chalk or glitter from rubbing off? I have heard of spraying hair spray afterward - does this work, and if so, is it archival safe? 2) How do you score curved lines? I don't have a scoring board but it seems like they all only have straight lines. What if you want to make, for example, a pillow box which has the curved flaps? Do you have to score that by hand? Or does the Archivers work room have a die cut for pillow boxes? (And if so, does that die cut have perforated lines for the folds instead of scored lines? And are these perforations visible?) Thanks! (Oh, also, when we AskRobin, are the answers emailed to us or simply posted on the website for us to check back? If not emailed, is it possible to email the response to me? Thanks)
— inb100m, IL on Oct 18, 2011

Using hair spray is a great trick, however, it is not acid-free and will yellow your paper over time. Unfortunately, the sealant spray we had available in stores has been discontinued, but we're working to find a good substitute sealant to use on projects with chalks and glitters.

Some of our stores have a pillow box die available for use in the workroom. We suggest calling ahead to check and see if your local Archiver's has this die. As far as scoring curved lines, you can try using a CD or another curved object and a bone folder or craft knife (press lightly!) to create score lines. However, this process might be a bit time consuming to figure out, so using a die might be a lot easier (and less stressful on you). Hope this helps!