Hi Robin! I am making a scrapbook for a friend for her Halloween party and I need some advice. I'd like to make it look like witch's spell book and I can't think of how to do it. I am not putting any pictures in, I am just leaving her space to put in the pictures she wants after it is completed. do you have any advice or tools or products I could use to make it easier? Thank you so much!
— samcan5, MI on Oct 13, 2011

Sounds like a very cool project! We have a couple suggestions for you. The first is to make the book look old/well used by using distressing and inking techniques. The project ideas and the video are good examples of distressed and inked edges. The second is to choose patterned papers that have the spell book theme. Check out papers from Teresa Collins and My Mind's Eye for some great patterns. Embellishments are the fun part, and there are tons of Halloween themed products in stores and on the Annex. Keeping the theme with witches, potions, spells, creepy ingredients, etc. should help you narrow down what you want to put in the book. As far as the photos go, just use some scratch paper or cardstock to create filler photos. Just trim the cardstock to whatever size you want the photo to be on that page and barely adhere that to the page. Another similar option is to just adhere a mat to the page. Then write "4x6" or "8x10" in the center of the mat, so your friend knows what size photo to put on that page. Hope this helps get you started!

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