I made a scrapbook page and framed it in a shadow box. Actually, I made four pages in four separate frames. The problem is, the snapshots I mounted are all curling up and have pulled away from the page. Should I have photo copied these snapshots onto thiner paper and used the copies instead of the originals? Thank you, Robin.
— Ellie, OH on Oct 08, 2011

You should be able to use actual photos in your shadowbox. It might be the adhesive you used to adhere them to the background papers. If you can remove the photos without damaging the rest of your project, try re-adhering them using a dry adhesive, such as a tape runner. You'll also want to make sure the adhesive is photo-safe and acid free. We recommend a Tombow, 3M, or 3L adhesive for your project. If you find that the photos curl again, copies might be a good second option. Hope this helps!