Hello, I got an email from Archivers today that showed a planner that I would love to make the problem is is that I live in MT so I was trying to find the materials I would need on annex.com but I have no idea what I need & all the website says is Start with a binder and add a refill page pack (in two sizes) , with cool calendar pages, half - pages and more. You can even mix and match sizes. Can you help me find the items I would need? Thank you, Lynsey Reyes
— lynseyreyes, MT on Sep 29, 2011

Unfortunately, we do not carry the Ditto collection (from Hampton Art) on the Annex. The Ditto binders come in a couple sizes and there are filler pages and other accessories that go along with the collection. However, you can give your local Archiver's (or the closest one to you) a call and they can help you find products. You can pay over the phone and have it shipped to your house (shipping charges will apply). Here is a link to the Hampton Art website for more information about the Ditto collection: http://www.hamptonart.com/index.aspx Hope this helps!