I thought I would try the distressed ink by Tim Holtz. The Ink seems dryer than what I saw on the demos. I tried using the blending tool it just looks blotchy. You make it look so simple. glad I only purchased one of the inks and a blending tool. Then I tried to blend over a stamped area and it just smudged my stamping. I tried using a blending tool and ink over embossing again it just looks blotchy. What am I doing wrong. I don't have one of those matts, but does that make a difference? I wouldn't think so. Maybe I use to much pressure? Judy
— judyd, MN on Sep 27, 2011

The ink blending technique does take a bit of practice to perfect the look you want, so don't lose hope! The video is a great tutorial for this technique, so hopefully that helps a bit! The craft mat is a great tool to use when blending. As explained in the video, if you start off of your paper and work your way onto the mat, you'll get better coverage. With the Distress inks, be sure you're using the foam pads and not the felt pads.

Here is a video from Tim Holtz himself, which will also hopefully be a help in using Distress inks: http://www.timholtz.com/vid_distressink.htm