I am brand new to card making. I just made about 20 cards using a stamp and then sprinkling glitter on it. I let it dry for a very long time and the glitter did adhere to the stamp and it looks great. However, if you touch it, the glitter comes right off. Is there anything I can now put on the card to make the glitter stick or should I just trash all my hard work? What should I use next time I would like to use glitter? Thanks!
— slamy, IL on Sep 20, 2011

The glitter might stick to the ink now, but in the long term, it probably won't stay. You can salvage all of your hard work by using a glue pen to add the glitter where you want it on your stamped image. A glue pen is a great way to add glitter or flock, especially to the details of a stamped image. You can also get a glue pad, which looks like an ink pad, and stamp using that. Hope this helps!