What has happened to the awesome classed Archivers used to offer? Halloween, Christmas and Valetine classes used to be super hot, with really cute projects. If you didn't sign up right away, you didn't get to go. Now everything comes in a kit that I could pretty much do at home. Where is the creativity? You could make a lot of money if you'd come up with the quality classes you used to. You could even recycle them. Remember the Halloween class where we made the treat buckets? Those were great, and every class was full. I want to come in and spend some money, but I need a reason to.
— janepak, IL on Sep 15, 2011

Thanks for the suggestion! Our Halloween workshop is a great little album that also comes in a kit. Our Holiday workshops are starting soon! We have a Classic Christmas and a Vintage Christmas workshop this holiday season. Our 10 Little Tags workshop starts in October, as well as the Wall Art workshop. Valentine's Day will be on its way soon! You can find images of the latest workshops on our website: