I have a LOT of letters from family and friends that I have kept for years. Quite a few of them are priceless and some of them not as priceless. There's got to be a clever, fun way to preserve them for posterity without taking so much space in the very basic scrapbooks I'm doing of photos, etc. Thank you for your help. Julie*
— Julie, UT on Sep 09, 2011

The first thing we suggest, especially for the more priceless letters, is to make copies. We also recommend checking with your local historical society to make sure the light in the copier will be safe to use on the letters, depending on how old they might be. As far as including the letters in your scrapbooks, you could keep them in an envelope, or create some sort of pocket, to limit how much space they take up. If you're making copies, you could shrink the letters down so more of them will fit on a page. You could also include smaller pocket pages (8.5 x 11 or so) in your album and just include letters in those. Hope this helps!