Need project ideas for a scrapbook, I am doing for a retirement party. The person is a male and was a federal agent. There is such limited supplies focused on the theme of retirement. I really need suggestions. Thank you so much.
— Westie12, KY on Sep 09, 2011

We have a couple of suggestions for you, since retirement themed products are very limited. The first is to keep the focus on the photos. Retiring is a great accomplishment and showing 20, 30, 40, however many years of photos and other memorabilia is important. You don't want the embellishments to outshine the memories. Choose patterned papers and/or cardstock that make the photos stand out. It's also a good idea to find embellishment ideas within your photos. Maybe you have a picture from a trip to Washington DC. You could use embellishments or papers to fit that theme. Another suggestion is to use numbers on your pages to show the year, an exact date, etc. that show the passing of time and the accomplishments made. We like to ScrapLift a lot, meaning we take an idea we find in a book or online and copy that layout to fit the theme we're working with. Hope this helps!