Robin, I just got the new Sew Easy and it isn't as easy as it looks! Also, I was wondering, can you use it to sew another sheet of paper or cardstock onto a base piece, how about a very thin fabric? I have several heads and the handle and mat but just don't seem to be having the results I really want. So nice to be able to ask you, thanks so much!!!!
— Sherry, VA on Aug 26, 2011

The Sew Easy tool is designed to pierce holes through paper, not fabric. As with many tools, it might take a little bit of practice to get it just right! Make sure you're using the Sew Easy mat--it has just the right amount of cushioning that the tool needs. Go slow, applying an even amount of pressure as you drag the tool along your paper. Also, it may be helpful to place a ruler or flat edge on your project and glide your tool alongside it to help you go in a straight line (if that's the look you're going for!). It may even be a good idea to practice on a thinner sheet of paper first and then try thicker cardstock. Hope this helps!