I have stacks of newspapers with articles featuring my children and their sports from their youth thru their college playing days. They would like me to cut them out and put the actual article from the paper in their scrapbook with the photos I have. Is there a safe way to preserve the articles for the future. Somewhere I read you could photo copy them. The kids and I don't like the look of that. Do you have a suggestions. Any techniques or products out there I could use. Thank you.....
— Carrie, MT on Aug 25, 2011

We carry a product in our stores called Archival Mist that you can spray on any paper to make it acid-free and resist yellowing over time. It's perfect for newspaper articles! You may also want to mat your newspaper articles on cardstock before adhering them to your scrapbook page to give them a nice look.

Or, you could try copying your articles on our in-store color copier. It's not like a traditional copy machine--the copies look so good, it's hard to tell which is the original or which is the copy! Plus, our copier uses high quality, archival inks and papers. You could even shrink down your newspaper articles to fit more of them in your scrapbook! Stop by any store and any associate will be glad to show you how it works.

Hope this helps!